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BBut….bbut….. Mommy, I dont wanna be a reporter!!!

I wanna be a WRITER!  Not just a writer, but a GREAT writer! Not a reporter of facts or events or politics or fashion or food or travel….I want to write about what I want to write!

I started writing when I was about 11; then the Beatles came into my world, and I began to write non-stop ..love stories about the Fab Four and which one would someday marry me…Then I grew up (some would debate THAT!) and started writing more mature stuff…poetry, prose and homework! One day I found myself a new mommy with a job and writing went into a suspended state of hibernation…Oh, once in a while, I  would get a burst of creativity and start writing again, but nothing ever came of it because I was too focused on family and career.

Then one day I decided that my mental clarity might not last until I was in the mood to write again, so I better get my feeble brain and more feeble body back to school, sharpen my skills and get with the program.

Several weeks later I found myself sitting in a classroom of kids whose ages were about 1/4 of mine; smart young kids with talent and drive and ambition. I only had ONE thing over them: Life Experience!  So I put on my Big Girl panties and set my goals: learn, write, learn some more, write some more! Get good grades, have a little fun, meet new people, help where I could help and try not to be the Little Old Lady taking up a space someone else could use!

I like to think I’m doing well as my first semester in college draws to a close. I am back to writing on a regular basis, mostly homework, but hey, it’s all good! Next semester, I will be more familiar with the campus, the schedules, the ins and outs of being a student and of course, my new friend, The Mac……..

At least, I sure hope so!

Come on, Summer! I’m  ready and waiting!