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Breaking Good

A long, long time ago in a universe far away, I felt great and felt like I could take on the world. Then, as old age progressed, I got sick. Then I had surgery.  Then I went back to school on Aug. 20, only to realize:  I’m not that young chick with boundless energy anymore. The surgery was not major, but it kicked me in the keister good and hard. After 2 weeks of struggling, I decided to take a break from school till January.  Follow doctor’s orders. Give my body time to heal.  Catch up on my To Do list, which seems to grow longer with each day that passes. Spend time with the grands, that number 5 now and I love them all dearly. Fish more with hubby. Try to outfish him more 🙂

Come January, I hope and pray I will be able to resume classes, keep writing for the Puma Press and be as healthy as someone my age can be. Time will tell!

I feel blessed to be able to go to school, keep up my house, spend time with my grandkids and of course: commune with nature while seeking a Trophy Fish!  Having a hobby is a good thing. Getting out and staying active is a great thing. But most of all, looking down at the grass instead of UP at it, well it doesn’t get much better than THAT!

I promise (threaten) to be back more often. My teacher could be watching! 🙂