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A Girl Named Sue

We first met 32 years ago, when  I moved in next door to Sue and her husband Dan. At the time, I had a little girl and she had a little boy, about 8 years apart.

We became fast friends,sharing recipes, child issues, and much more. It was rather odd, really, because our backgrounds were so extremely different. 

In time,  I added a daughter, she added a son. Then I added another daughter and she finally had HER daughter! So we went from one kid each to three kids each before you could say “child-bearing years!”  It was a hectic time as we both tried to balance jobs, kids, homes and hubbies. But she was always there for me when I needed her  and vice versa.

It was a sad day for me when they moved on up to a bigger house to accommodate their growing family. We kept in touch as much as possible with our very busy lives. We attended weddings on each side and other social events. But I really missed having her next door.

So here we are now: both grandmas!  We both have five, and I hear tell she’s getting ready to welcome number six!  We may not see each other very often, but it’s one of those friendships were one calls the other and we can chat forever, like no time at all has passed. I’m proud to call her my friend, still.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE! May you enjoy many more years of being a grandma and a great friend!