BBut….bbut….. Mommy, I dont wanna be a reporter!!!

I wanna be a WRITER!  Not just a writer, but a GREAT writer! Not a reporter of facts or events or politics or fashion or food or travel….I want to write about what I want to write!

I started writing when I was about 11; then the Beatles came into my world, and I began to write non-stop stories about the Fab Four and which one would someday marry me…Then I grew up (some would debate THAT!) and started writing more mature stuff…poetry, prose and homework! One day I found myself a new mommy with a job and writing went into a suspended state of hibernation…Oh, once in a while, I  would get a burst of creativity and start writing again, but nothing ever came of it because I was too focused on family and career.

Then one day I decided that my mental clarity might not last until I was in the mood to write again, so I better get my feeble brain and more feeble body back to school, sharpen my skills and get with the program.

Several weeks later I found myself sitting in a classroom of kids whose ages were about 1/4 of mine; smart young kids with talent and drive and ambition. I only had ONE thing over them: Life Experience!  So I put on my Big Girl panties and set my goals: learn, write, learn some more, write some more! Get good grades, have a little fun, meet new people, help where I could help and try not to be the Little Old Lady taking up a space someone else could use!

I like to think I’m doing well as my first semester in college draws to a close. I am back to writing on a regular basis, mostly homework, but hey, it’s all good! Next semester, I will be more familiar with the campus, the schedules, the ins and outs of being a student and of course, my new friend, The Mac……..

At least, I sure hope so!

Come on, Summer! I’m  ready and waiting!


Countdown to Spring Break

Spring Break….something  I have not observed in MANY years!

This year, it has special meaning to me, since my return to the academic world in January. I thought that I would treat going back to school like a job: show up every day, do my work, get paid in A’s. Wish it was that easy!  It has proven to be a significant challenge, since my brain is not that supple, spongy cello that you can buy new. It’s more like a dried up sponge, left out in the Arizona sun for too many days: hard to permeate and not very good at picking up anything! I have learned, sure, but I’ve also learned that I’m not as sharp as the 20-somethings in my classes, not as amenable to the routine of HAVING to be somewhere every day and not as sure of myself as I once was. But there IS a bright side to it all: I’ve met some wonderful people in this first half of the semester, I’ve learned that you CAN keep on learning in Life, even if it IS more difficult, and that every road you take WILL have bumps in it.  I’ve learned that I CAN write, although my “style” needs work. I’ve learned that young folk aren’t ALL bad, some are actually a delight to be around. I’ve learned that teachers have patience that I only WISH I possessed: I would have made a LOUSY teacher!  I’ve learned that you can prove the nay-sayers wrong and prove to your supporters that you’ve still got potential.  I’ve learned that a Mac computer can only frighten you if you LET it. I’ve learned that you’re never too old to try something new and if you give it your best shot, you’ve succeeded. Most of all, I’ve learned that I miss FISHING more than I thought I would! The solitude of nature. The thrill of bringing in that big one. The trading of “fish stories” with the other folks out there fishing.  The daydreaming while staring at clouds and looking for objects in their formations. Trying to identify birds and their sounds. And lest I forget: the occasional prairie dog or squirrel that crosses my path.  It’s not JUST about the fishing, it’s about getting out, relaxing, and being active.  I plan to do just that during Spring Break.

OR I might say Heck with it all and go to Rocky Point with all the kids and drink tequila 24/7!!!



Aside from trying to learn the Mac, who knew one of my biggest “challenges” in going back to school would be STAYING HEALTHY!!! Second time I’ve come down with something in the last month and I’m NOT a happy camper! KIDS, don’t come to school SICK, PLEASE!!!!  🙂

Enjoying my classes and the daily challenges anyway. Although I must admit, I now know why college kids look forward to Spring Break!  I plan to fish, fish, and MORE fish, still stalking that elusive giant Rainbow Trout out there waiting for me!  Can I finally get one? Stay tuned!


Finally, on Friday, Feb. 10, Korben David Walsh made his grand entrance into our world and what  a beautiful boy he is!  Couldn’t wait to see him, but fighting off a cold, so didn’t get to see him till Sunday. I could hold him 24/7, he’s so sweet!

I predict lots of fun this summer with him and Deegan and my pool, if I can manage to keep it clean!

Personally, I’m SO done with winter and being cold; I just want Spring to hurry up and get here. I know my back-East friends and family will think it’s ridiculous to complain about temps in the 40’s and 50’s but it’s cold to ME! AND Spring means Spring Break and I’m so ready for that too! LOVE school, but ready for a break from homework!

Hope anyone reading this leaves comments or ??? But either way, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do: Writers write!


Tomorrow IS another day!

And I couldn’t wait for it to get here! Yesterday was the pits! Truck would not start, couldn’t go to class, dog broke a front window (byebye another $133 dollars not planned for!) and I nearly broke a toe! Today has GOT to be a better day!

Can’t decide which is making me more antsy these days: waiting for Katie to bring my new grandboy into the world or seeing my mid-term grades!! 🙂

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Chow for now!

On the Baby Watch….

SO, things are hectic once more: hubby working, me going to school and eagerly awaiting the birth-day of Katie’s new bouncing baby boy: Korben….Just wish he wasn’t taking  his sweet time getting here!

Just a couple of weeks ago, our Question of the Day was “Where do we fish today”?  Now, it’s  who’s getting dinner, who fed the animals, who needs to do what, when and HOW!?!?

But it’s all good! He’s working, I’m learning and Spring is right around the corner, which means SPRING BREAK!!! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week, so far….



Wow, at the risk of sounding like a teenager anxious to party all weekend: I’m SO glad it’s Friday! This week was particularly hectic for me –my first full week of trying to juggle school, homework, housework, cooking, cleaning, shopping, bill-paying and of course, fishing!  Fortunately for the fish, I had to forego a trip to the lake, so they get a couple extra days to figure out more ways to elude me!

On the very good side: hubby found a job and is starting today! YAY! Not exactly what he was looking for, but at age 63 and the market being what it is, we’re quite thankful he found one at all. Just hoping his bum knee will cooperate and he can do the job.

On the not-so-bright side: we now have to buy another vehicle so that we can both get where we need to go every day! Working on THAT dilemma!

And lastly, on the Baby Watch: Katie still hasn’t had little Korben, but I’ve had sympathy insomnia for the last two nights, so I do believe his arrival is imminent!   I admit, I’m quite anxious to cuddle a sweet-smelling little baby again, it’s been awhile!

Hope everyone has a very fine weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl; I’ll be watching the BETTER one: the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! 🙂

Ciao for now!

Welcome to Grammy Sherry’s Look At Life

As part of my journalism studies, I’ve created my first ever blog! Imagine that- sixty plus years old and finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do: write and be read!

I will post several times a week about my life, my re-entry to the academic world, my classes, my fellow students, my hobbies, my newest grandchild (due any day!) and miscellaneous subjects that pop into the cobwebs of my left brain.

Thanks for reading, stop by again!

Sherry White

Phoenix Arizona