Finding Rainbow


                                                  February 6, 2012



By Sharyn White



     My hobby is fishing. Well, it may be my

former hobby.

     Since November when the Game and Fish

Department began stocking the urban lakes with

rainbow trout, I’ve yet to catch even one! Or

even SEE one! Sure, they’re in there, somewhere,

lurking and smirking evilly as I relentlessly

cast worms, cheese, salmon eggs, and some

psychedelic-looking stuff called Power Bait at

them. I’ve done everything but serve it to them                 

on a silver platter! And what is my reward from

these ungrateful aquatic vertebrates?

          Do I get a nibble or even a peek at one

of those multi-colored beauties? Nope, all I get

is a sore arm, overexposure to the sun and a

bunch of large debits to my bank account via Bass

Pro Shops! I’m starting to develop a real

complex, a deep feeling of insecurity about my

fishing ability and a very strong desire to throw

a stick of dynamite into the next lake I go to!

Maybe that will flush ’em out!!

               Or, maybe I’ll just take up needlepoint…




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