Ditching Digital


Reflections on daily life

By Sherry White

Ditching Digital?


So, my uncle died in July. It wasn’t a huge shock to anyone, he was 78 years old. I think even he knew it was coming.

What WAS shocking though, was the way I found out. From my sister. Through a phone call that was the result of a TEXT MESSAGE. Yeah, a text from our aunt who was with him in another city when he passed.   A damn text message. I couldn’t believe it!

What the hell? Was he NOT worth a phone call? It still bothers me. I mean, really? Where’s the respect? Where’s the consideration? Where’s the ETIQUETTE??

Or…am I just too damn “old school”.

I have a Windows cell phone. I also have a desktop PC and a laptop. I’ve been online since 1999. Tech savvy—nah but for my age, I think I do pretty good.

BUT, the spoken word in a time of grief seems much more appropriate to me.

My kids are big on texting. They do it all day long. They send me texts more than they call me. Am I offended by this? Yeah, a little. I mean, heck, I’m your MOTHER and someday you’ll WISH you could hear my voice again. I know I miss my mom and her voice. I don’t mind an occasional text saying “I’m on the way” or “Do you have time to chat?”  but beyond that, I would like a phone call.

Particularly annoying is a text from ANYONE that says “call me”. DUH, why don’t you just DIAL MY FREAKING NUMBER if you want to talk?!?! Is it because you’re afraid you’ll call at a bad time?  I’m not that unaccommodating! If it’s a bad time, I’m gonna tell you so!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m in love with digital communication when appropriate.

I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account and the old My Space page. I have at least six email accounts for different purposes. I use to sell on Ebay and still have an account. I play games online, I post to Facebook, I do a lot of banking and shopping online too. I even have a blog on Word Press.  I’m not AFRAID of technology, I embrace it most of the time.

But I’m concerned that communication will soon be a lost art. If 80 year old ladies are texting instead of making that simple phone call, what’s next?

I shudder at the thought.


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