TRUST is a 5 letter word.

Getting serious about a subject is not something I do often. I like to make people smile and sometimes even laugh. But lately, I’ve been on a bad trip over the subject above: TRUST.

I think trust is so important and so lacking in my relationships. I have total trust in my children, but I have to admit, that’s where it stops. LIFE has taught me that sometimes trust is misplaced with disastrous results. I have trusted men, and lived to regret it. I have trusted employers and been sorely disappointed. Most hurtful: I have trusted friends and been betrayed.

Trust is not a natural component in relationships. It must be earned and cherished once it is. In a marriage, trust is number one, because without it, there can never be a whole marriage. There will be fragments and pieces that may fit together, but trust is an essential. You can’t love someone you don’t trust, period.  Once that trust is broken, I am not sure it can ever be mended. From my experience, I believe that if it’s broken repeatedly, there is no hope for a future.

Do I think EVERY time trust is misplaced it should signal an end to the friendship/relationship? No, I don’t. But I feel that repeated abuses of trust signal a much larger problem.  In a good marriage, there is mutual trust from the beginning. There are mistakes made, arguments that resolve and differences of opinion, but the trust is always there. When that disappears, the marriage is in serious trouble, if not doomed.

As I look back over my life, I realize the only people I ever trusted where my parents and grandparents.  When I trusted a man, I was always left broken-hearted. When I trusted friends, I was betrayed in some way in the end.  Employers were always notorious for betraying the trust I mistakenly placed in them. When I married (both times) I trusted that man to be as loyal and loving as I was.  Was that why my first marriage failed? No, it was a combination of unresolvable issues. But at the center was the lack of trust that never recovered.

I don’t pretend to have answers to why this is so. It’s just my observation that trust is so very important. 

But I DO trust God, and always will.

Hug the ones you love today. And trust that they love you back!


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