His & Her Walmart Lists

So, today hubby and I made our monthly trip to Wal-Mart for non-food and miscellaneous sundry items. This is our List     🙂


Makeup remover cloths


Eye drops

Lens cleaner -for glasses and camera



Overnight eye cream

Daytime wrinkle eraser

Undereye concealer

Sunscreen for body

Sunscreen for face

Hair spray

Leave-in conditioner (spray)



Probiotic supplement

Cotton puffs

Emery board-6 sided

Nail polish remover

Secret solid

Antibacterial wipes (for fishing)

Hand sanitizers- kitchen & purse sizes

Scented spa moisturizer


bar soap




3 thoughts on “His & Her Walmart Lists

  1. too funny – you should have come over and raided my cabinet. I have like 10 of most of the things you bought 🙂 Could have save yourself some money!

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