CLASS ASSIGNMENT:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Being Over 60


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Being Over 60

2012pix 105     The Golden Years. Retirement. The Empty Nest. Time to pursue hobbies. Time to RELAX and enjoy whatever years are left. Right?

     Maybe. For some, those years are golden, for others, not so much. There are definitely some great things to appreciate about Old Age.

     The best?

     Having grandkids- those adorable, mischievous, drooling and giggling offspring of my offspring. The joys of watching them give their parents as much trouble and aggravation as they gave me when they were that age. Poetic justice- gotta love it.

     But the downside?

     The ultimate Guessing Game-which body part will hurt the most today? The arthritic knees? The perpetually sore lower back? The once-nimble fingers and hands? What will you have at 60? Bifocals or trifocals? Cataracts? Glaucoma? They’re out there and they’re waiting for you.

     Finances- the money saved from not having kids to support shall now be contributing to your doctor’s kids college funds, the profit margins for a myriad of pharmaceutical companies, and local hospitals as well. Makes one wonder how Methuselah lived so long.

     Lastly, the really ugly- bingo arms, crow’s feet, thinning hair, whacked out hormones and shifting cellulite.Unless your cousin, brother-in-law or BFF is a cosmetic surgeon, say goodbye to that highly-ogled, sexy and toned body of your younger days!

     George Bernard Shaw, noted Irish playwright and social activist, said it best- “Youth is wasted on the young!”


3 thoughts on “CLASS ASSIGNMENT:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Being Over 60

  1. Love this Sher. You are right. The body does undermine all you want to do on any given day. Just wait someday you will be as old as I am. Isn’t it nice that we all can grow old together.

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