It was the best of times….

Well, here we are  in 2013 and my second year of  college is rapidly approaching. 

I can’t complain about last year at all. Yep, I was sick a bunch and that was truly miserable, but I also have  much to be grateful for:  I acquired a sweet new grandson in February.  I finished my novella.  Achieved a 4.0 for my first ever semester in college (and my second) !  Got better at fishing. Made new friends.  Met some great teachers. After 18 months of unemployment, hubby found a great job.  My niece and nephew both had healthy, beautiful baby boys. My wonderful, funny aunt moved back to Arizona after being gone for over 20 years in another state. My sisters and brothers have stayed relatively healthy for our advanced ages. 🙂  My family back east survived Superstorm Sandy with relatively little damage.  The Mayans were wrong. The politicians have stopped advertising. I think the Mayans may have had something to do with that! 😉 In this last year,  my five grandkids have brought me more joy than I can describe here. My house is still standing, despite an occassional sighting of a termite or two. My friends are all fairly happy and content. My plate is more than half full: it’s  almost  overflowing!  Could I be richer, thinner, taller, smarter or blonder? Sure! But I’m in a good place and very aware of how blessed I am!

So in the coming year, I hope to keep my grades perfect, spend more time with my grandkids, accomplish most of the things on my To-Do list (that never-ending thing we ALL have!), fish whenever I can  and stop to smell the roses every chance I get (hopefully my own- if this cold doesn’t kill them)!

Happy New Year friends and family! God bless us one and all!

Me and Korben David


One thought on “It was the best of times….

  1. You asked me about the Little Golden Book–I remember it as a Golden Book because my aunt and uncle owned a bookstore and sent me everything they stocked their children’s section with. There were a LOT of books. But, I can’t say for certain that Great Grampa BunnyBunny was in the Golden Book collection. I remember that I got the book for Easter one year. It was about how the bunnies decorated the Easter eggs, and GGBB was probably not the main character. I don’t know why he made such an impression on me, but he’s been a steady fixture in my life ever since. Another book I remember vividly was about a grumpy bear who liked to sit on the houses of the lesser occupants of the forest. His name was Mr. SquashYouAllFlat. He finally met his destiny when he tried to squash the home of a smart critter who’d built it inside a tractor tire. Mr SYAF, bounced right off, and in true fairytale form, he threatened dire harm to the little guy who was sitting smugly inside. Not quite “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll bloooooow your house down,” but the intent was the same. I can remember that I got the giggles every time I read it. Don’t you just love it when the villain gets his comeuppances?

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