Me-Tarzan, You-SLAVE!

Do you feel overwhelmed much of the time? Wish your day was 36 hours, not 24? I can relate! Do you feel underappreciated, stressed to the max, and  exhausted most  days? Yep, me too!

Lately,  I have been feeling tons of pressure to be Ms. Perfect, for reasons I’m still contemplating. Mostly at night, when I wonder if I’ve done enough for one day.

It wasn’t always this way: I used to have an “Oh Well, What Gets Done Is Good Enough” attitude. Not now though.  I think I may have gotten a bit spoiled in the three years hubby was off work due to 2 knee surgeries.  Once he was well enough, I just had to ask for help and I got it.

Now, he’s back to work and does very little to help out. I don’t blame him, I totally understand the feeling of working out in the Phoenix heat all day and the toll it takes. Used to do it myself, way back when.  But hello: offering a helping hand would be SUCH a nice gesture! Yes, I am home on summer break, preparing to go back to school in August, but that doesn’t mean I’m the MAID, for gosh sakes! (Besides, I’d look ridiculous in  one of those stupid French maid outfits!)

Is it asking too much to take his coffee cup back into the kitchen when he leaves for work? Or, putting his dirty (black) socks in the BLACK hamper, not the WHITE one?? Or, my personal pet peeve: if you are putting the dumpster on the curb, why not make SURE it’s full first? Especially if you KNOW there’s garbage in the house/garage/yard that needs to go out!  DUH!!!

I know I’m not alone; I have friends and relatives that tell me constantly that their guy doesn’t do enough around the house to help them. Working or not working, if you are a man and you live with a woman, married or not, it’s YOUR mess too!!  This I AM MAN, you are Slave is just plain WRONG!

Is this an ages-old complaint or a product of current societal trends? Sometimes I wonder! In any case, if anyone can figure out how to get me more hours in the day, please let me know….SOON!!!

I’m off to Party City to check out French Maid costumes! 🙂



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